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*Note: Purchases must be in quantities of 3 bottles (3,6,9,etc.) (mixes accepted) and ship within NY State.

Paint-Ur-Pet Party, Benefiting The Sato Project


Paint-Ur-Pet Party, Benefiting The Sato Project 00006

Saturday, April 6, 2019 12-4pm

DIY KITS STILL AVAILABLE. Price includes $7 shipping fee.

Join us for an all-inclusive painting lesson at Adair Vineyards in New Paltz, NY with Maryanne Rappaport of Paint-Ur-Pet. Learn how to transform your favorite photo into a beautiful work of art!

You supply an image of your pet(s) or subject and there will be a sketched canvas waiting for you at the event. Pictures of your pets or subject must reach us by March, 30, 2019.

If you are attending the event, please choose from:

One pet/subject 12”x12” canvas - $45 ($45.00 + $7 Shipping)
Two pets/subjects 11”x14” canvas - $60.00 ($60.00 + $7 Shipping)
Three pets/subjects 16”x20” canvas - $75.00 ($75.00 + $7 Shipping)
Four pets/subjects 16x”20” canvas - $100.00 ($100.00 + $7 Shipping)

Pets not cooperating for one photo? No problem! We’ll combine up to four photos on one canvas.

Price includes 1 glass of wine or non-alcohol beverage.
Wine and non-alcohol beverages will be available for purchase.
**All Adair wines are vegan.

Can’t attend? Or want or need more than one painting? You can also order DIY Home Kits!
You can choose from:
One pet/subject 12”x12” canvas - $45.00
Two pets/subjects 11”x14” canvas - $60.00
Three pets/subjects 16”x20” canvas - $75.00
Four pets/subjects 16x”20” canvas - $100.00

DIY Kits: will need to be picked up at Adair Vineyards in New Paltz.

You can choose from realistic coloring to funky colors (think Andy Warhol). All supplies and instructions are supplied for you to create your very own masterpiece.

Registration closes March 30, 2019
Register early! We expect this event to sell out once again!
65% of the proceeds goes to The Sato Project.

* After paying for your reservation, photos and any special instructions should be submitted to: or 518-836-4666

Great for: Pet Photos – Memorial Pictures – Travel Photos – Special Occasions
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Ticket DIY One pet/subject 12”x12” canvas (52) DIY Two pets/subjects 11”x14” canvas (67) DIY Three pets/subjects 16”x20” canvas (82) DIY Four pets/subjects 16x”20” canvas (107)